Open call to all artists  and professionals (social scientists and researches are welcome) who create  on urban space, and whose work uses the city as a material of inspiration or investigation.

Jiwar Creation and Society is a residency based in Barcelona. Its basic philosophy concentrates on the right to intercultural mobility and its various aspects. Jiwar, meaning neighbourhood in Arabic, promotes the idea of interculturalism through a set of artistic events that enhance the creative dialogue of artists in residence, local artists and the local community. Jiwar is currently open for applications for residencies taking place from January 2018 to the end of March.


How to apply?

Send your applications to in English, Spanish or French.


16th of January 2018

Application must include :

  • Preferred dates of residence
  • a short CV
  • a sample of recent work representative of the style and philosophy of the candidate work
  • a short description of the project that the candidate intends to develop while in residence
  • spoken languages

Facilities and support included

Four studios in a 19th century house and a set of inspirational common spaces, including a gallery and a 700m2 garden are at the residents’ disposal.

Jiwar gives support to the artists with their research and passes on requested contacts depending on the interest of the artist.

For all artists our staff are available for any suggestions or information needed about the local neighbourhood and the city’s socio-cultural network.


Jiwar has very limited funding means.
However having said this, we help the candidates with all they may need for their grant bids in their own countries. You will find some online tools and a list of organizations where you can apply for funding on our website.

Prices range from 28€ to 60€ per day, depending on the studio and the duration of residency.  These fees do not NOT include meals.

Do not hesitate to write to us for any further details.