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In the context of the Day of Books and Roses (Sant Jordi), Jiwar celebrates from 4 years a month devoted to writing hosting 4 writers and developing an special program around writing and literature.

• All genders: fiction, non fiction, poetry, prose, theatre, …

• All languages. The communication language during the residency will be English. That doesn’t mean it has to be the writing language of the selected writers.

• 4 writers selected.

• 1 full grant residency (hosting, not meals, not travel) for one writer from an emerging country.

• Deadline: the 15th of February

Check our open call: https://goo.gl/eVC9Jk


The project 'Making neighbourhoods' was born in the year 2013. Since then, the project counts on the support of the programme 'Barcelona Accio Intercultural' of the Barcelona Council.With this project, Jiwar calls for a critical and creative reflection of the complex reality that sharing a city poses. The neighbourhood, as the backbone of our project as an entity and as a source of inspiration, is articulated in this project reflecting upon a crucial aspect in the contemporary world where mobility has become a universal issue that overturns what have been until now stable and permanent references. From the displacement of tourists to forced migrations or exile, mobility has multiple faces that impact in the sentiment, idea or experience of what we are and who we are in a city. Until now 12 projects have been welcomed from the international arena around the concept of neighbourhood and the home, creative investigation on public space, migration, relations between neighbours or citizens identity.

For this 4th edition finished in the end of December 2016, Julia Salgueiro, Amado Alfadni and Mohamed Rabiei have been the protagonists. 

JULIA SALGUEIRO (Barcelona). ''OVERLAPPING REALITIES - RESONANT MATERIALITIES" ''Overlapping realities'' arises from the experience of living in Barcelona and having the impression of different cities in coexistence in overlapping layers, that are not always related. One example is the incredible number of tourists in summer. Perceiving these different layers of realities in Barcelona has led me to begin, as a recognition of space, a collection of papers gathered in the streets, authentic treasures of the people who live in or visit Barcelona.  Altogether they form a map of some 200 notes written in different languages, some totally unknown to me. My project seeks to increase the collection adding audios, anonymous people interpreting the messages, an invented memory of notes by the people who walk around Barcelona.


‘Superheroes’ is an artistic research about the superheroes that appear in the traditions of different cultures that inhabit Barcelona. The aim of the research is to underline the richness of the city in order to enforce its diverse and dynamic local culture. The project involves several participants that explain their life story juxtaposing themselves as superheroes. What a superhero would have done in my place? How would have been the process of migration, starting a new life in a new country and integrating in a new environment? The project aims at portraying the variety and complexity of different cultural imaginaries to overcome the ubiquitous stereotypes proposed by Hollywood.


Mohamed’s project reflects upon the roots and motivations of islamophobia, and the fear of the other, through the challenges faced by people with an Arab name in front of right wing populism. Humanity has a tendency to fear the other. Maps with the sign ‘ Mohamed is here’ instead of ‘You are here’ have been hanged in different walls of Gracia neighborhood to underline the widespread prejudices which portray Muslim as a fix and stereotypical image.

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XABACA PROJECT, International Network Against Censorhip for Arab Female Artists, received 142 applications from the 4 eligible countries.

Credits: Jana Traboulsi

142 applications received from Lebanese, Palestinian, Moroccan and Tunisian artists and activists to participate in the first edition of XABACA. The first week of February, the list of the shortlisted artists wil be published.  This project is organized by NovAct, the Al Fanar Foundation and Jiwar. Xabaca aims to reflect proactively on the processes of censorship and self-censorship suffered by many Arab female creators in their countries because of the political and/or social situation but also because of the gender prejudices. During their stay in Jiwar in March 2017, the 4 selected artists will be able to create in freedom and will establish the bases for the creation of an international network of support and resources against censorhip in their own countries, with the participation of some local organizations.

See the Open Call: http://jiwarbarcelona.com/es/xabaca-project/

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