We would have wanted to talk only about our first collaboration with PEN Català, about Abazar Hamid and about how many artists see themselves forced to flee extremism and fundamentalism not allowing neither free expression, nor irony, not even freedom. But while some of us thought that this harm was only suffered in other places, where other languages are spoken and with regimes far away of our "democracy", it turns out that two poor puppeteers have been suppressed by the counter-terrorist law because of a puppet show (guignol, Cachiporra, Punch and Judy). We won’t say more about it, there’s just grief and lots of anger.

Abazar Hamid has arrived at Jiwar within a first collaboration with PEN Català. His exile journey brought him to Cairo and from there to Norway. The musician has been victim of his own songs which reclaim peace and understanding in a country where extremism has completely broken capacity for dialogue.

Tuesday, 16th February, 19h30-21h

Espacio Jiwar. C. Asturias, 36, Pral.

Abazar Hamid "My story through my songs"

Limited capacity, prior registration required at jiwar@jiwarbarcelona.com

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"Philosophy in a world in conflict"

Wednesday 24th February, 18h30

CCCB C. Montalegre, 5, Espai MIRADOR

The philosopher Carlos Fraenkel will be introduced by Jiwar at CCCB,starting this way a first collaboration with the country’s most recognized space of debate and reflection.

"When the Berlin Wall fell, it was assumed that all the world countries would end up adopting the political model and the lifestyle of western liberal democracies. It hasn’t been like that. The Iroquois Indians, the Hassidic jews, the islamic community in Indonesia: Carlos Fraenkel visits political and religious communities which don’t fit within the western secular parameters and he stablishes a dialogue with philosophy’s help. On which shared basis do we converse with the distinct cultures? Within the framework of the presentation of 'Enseñar Platón en Palestina' (Teaching Plato in Palestine) (Ariel)"

EXHIBITION "After Colometa"

Opening: wednesday 2nd March

La Violeta. C. Maspons, 6

Since spring 2010, ArtEZ Zwolle Arts Institute’s (Netherlands) Design and Illustration department organizes an annual study trip to Catalonia. Part of this trip is a three day stay in Gràcia. Last year, Jiwar proposed the reading of Mercè Rodoreda’s La Plaça del Diamant to the 3rd and 4th grade students in order to bring them another framework to their creative research. They did drawings and pictures based on the book and they collected all sort of various materials related to the novel. Finally, these activities have lead to a set of different works which will be exhibited at La Violeta. These works are not illustrations of the book. Most of all, they are free and personal adaptations of the students, which proves that the topics provided by the book are still so universal and current issues.

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