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Collin Sekajugo, Ibrahim Jawabreh, Sachiyo Kaneko, Erin Hobey,  Mariló Hernández... five people, five imaginaries, multiple disciplines and four continents are living together at Jiwar, place of encounter, of connection and exchange. We’re betting more and more on becoming this bridge, this hinge of knowledge. And we don’t want in no way that the wealth which feeds us rests at home, between these excellent walls, we work and we fight in order to make it go out, to spread it, to make it beneficial in our sorroundings of neighbourhood and city. To sum up, we cannot do but to s-h-a-r-e it.


Within the framework of the agreement with Africa Centre (South Africa), and this year with the support from The African Arts Trust (Kenia), Jiwar collaborates since three years in the AIR project in which 8 creators are selected from around 400 artist candidatures of every discipline who live and work in any country of Africa.

 COLLIN SEKAJUGO (Uganda-Rwanda) is a committed visual artist who cannot understand creation without the relationship with the community. Responding to his concern of connection with the society, Collin has created in few years two reference spaces at Great Lakes Africa (Rwanda and Uganda). The centre IVUKA ARTS, at Kigali (Rwanda) works since 6 years ago to build a community which through arts lets obtain to the young artists the needed competences, structure and visibility in order to become the cultural agents of tomorrow. Link article of New York Times: http://goo.gl/qejNgb

WEAVER BIRD, situated at Masaka city outskirts (Uganda) has been the first art and communitary tourism centre of the region, seting itself up as a bridge between the artístic creation and the community.



"The paper of art in the development of Africa"

Monday 14th March, 19h

Biblioteca Vila de Gràcia

C. Torrent de l'Olla, 104.

Link event: http://goo.gl/VVgZcU


Friday 18th March, 19h

Altaïr Bookstore

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616

Link event: http://goo.gl/oKnyqc

Collin Sekajugo is at Jiwar with the support of:

Performance of Sachiyo Kaneko with

Mireia Zantop and Pavel Amilcar

Sachiyo Kaneko, Japanese artist in residence in Jiwar the musician Pavel Amilcar (Dyvina Misteria) and the artist Mireia Zantop  have created a journey through the trazo of creative big format Shodô with the musical accompanishment of violin and percussion. A high level suggestion that we’ll surely keep in mind for long time. With the collaboration of Collin Sekajugo.



Darkness.  Deep deep darkness.

Look. It is a far ancient time.

Listen. There starts a sound of pulse.

And then…


Saturday, 12th March at 12h

Plaça del Diamant, Barcelona

With the support of:

To see, close your eyes. Imaginary world and poetical creation.

Literary workshop by the poet Esther Ramón

Esther Ramón (poet, critic, teacher of creative writing and having a PhD in Theory of Literature and Compared Literature by the Autonomous University of Madrid) will guide the participants during the workshop. We'll work with the imaginary world of poets like Marosa di Giorgio or Juan Eduardo Cirlot, immersing ourselves too, with techniques like automatic writing or guided visualization, in the own imaginary worlds of each member of the workshop, who will express themselves through the poetical writing.

 Saturday 12th March and Sunday the 13th. See conditions: http://jiwarbarcelona.com/to-see-close-your-eyes-workshop/

Registrations at jiwar@jiwarbarcelona.com


"After Colometa. Looks from the Netherlands" Exhibition of the Arts Intitute ArtEZ Zwölle’s students (Netherlands)

During all March you’ll be able to enjoy this interesting vision of the most translated catalan novel by Mercè Rodoreda at La Violeta. C. Maspons, 6. From Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 16 to 23 hours, and on week-ends from 10 to 23 hours. More information  http://jiwarbarcelona.com/en/after-colometa/

Ibrahim Jawabreh finally in Barcelona. Jiwar collaborates with the project The Artist and the Stone. 

We want to show our satisfaction en poder acoger finally the Palestinian artist Ibrahim Jawabreh, pieza clave of the project of Matteo Guidi and Giulana Racco The Artist and the Stone. After two refusals of VISA the artista had to move to another country for the third petition, which has succeed. Any reflection or comment about mobility will always be short in front of reality of visas, the time, the humiliation and the money they entail.