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Credits: Douglas Sileski

April is installation and public space

The Inverted Square is a project by the Québec artist Camille Rajotte located in Plaça del Diamant until the 25th of April. Between sculpture and urban furnishing this project is intended as a pause in constant motion, and invites people to stop, interrogate, sit and, above all, pay more attention to the urban environment it occupies. With a playful and intellectual attitude, this work, conceived to suit the Plaça del Diamant, allows neighbourhood and visitors to observe and live this space from a different point of view.

April is like every year, writing 

For three years Jiwar dedicates this month to a special program for writers. This year, the prolific Italian writer Tommaso Merlo, the Irish writer Anne Hayden and Korean writer Che Yeun enjoy the activities proposed by Jiwar to know the literary and creative landscape of our city. This year, on the occasion of the recent arrival in Barcelona of Georgian writer Irakli Kakabadze, hosted by the PEN Catalan and Barcelona City Council under the Writer Hailed program promoted by the ICORN Red, Jiwar also welcomes Irakli in its program dedicated to writing. This year, we repeat collaboration with escritura en vivo programming a jam writing in the garden, to celebrate Sant Jordi. We love the proposal of these friends who have made creativity a way of living, seeing and feeling


Writing Jam Sant Jordi's day

All lenguages are welcome

Saturday, April 23th


C. Jaén, 14. JIWAR garden's

Collaboration: 5 €

Second collaboration with Colectivo Escritura en vivo.

Experience the creativity as a way of living and feeling.

A big JAM writing session with live music and live painting.

Guests musicians: Diego Barrós, Anna Fité, Aniba Faycan

Guest painter: Alter Krapp

Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AfgKlyetoE

The gourmet store Le Regioni d'Italia will offer a wine and a taste in the end.

Open reading writers in residency in Jiwar

Tuesday, the 26th of April


Jiwar space. C. Astúries 36, Pral.

Collaboration: 2€

The gourmet store Le Regioni d'Italia will offer a wine and a taste in the end.

Che Yeun, Anne Hayden and Tommaso Merlo will present their work as writers in residency in Jiwar. All texts are in English. Lucia Pinzani, as a part of Jiwar staff, will present also her music and texts (Italian).

      Credits: Mireia Estrada The writers Che Yeun, Anne Hayden and Tommaso Merlo


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With the goal of supporting more consistently artists from emerging countries (especially the one from the Arab world and sub-Saharan Africa) and giving stability to the project, Jiwar will start soon a campign for founding partners. To learn more://jiwarbarcelona.com/ca/colabora 

 The project  of Camille Rajotte has been supported by: