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To many things to do before we break the lovely day by day routine of welcomes, reencounters and goodbyes. A moment to share with our neighbourhood and the people that follow what is going on during August, the pleasure to know who are the selected artists for Making neighbourhood Project_4 and a professional installation in our district city hall that remember us two of the best actions done in the public space by our artists in residence. Good news from New York, need to break for some rest and the desire to continue more and more. Good summer for all, and as the poet said “All is to be done, and all is possible”.

Giorgi Maghradze (visual arts, Georgia)

Danielle Carla Hogan (visual arts, Canada).

Dana Zed  (visual arts, U.S.)

Namita Chakrabarty (writing & performance, UK)


You will be welcome!

Credits: #Pelut


Once again, we received a lot of applications from around the world, and were blessed with many nice projects by talented artists. Making Neighberhood will celebrated its 4th edition and will take place in November and December 2016. The selected artists are:

Local artist:

Julia Salgueiro with her project "Realidades superpuestas-materialidades resonantes"

Finalist: Ariadna R. Álamo (Ad) traccions

International artists:

Amado Alfadni (Cairo-Sudan) and his project "Superheroes"

Rob Santaguida (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) and the quintet of documentary films.

Finalists: Sarah Kazmi (Karachi, Pakistan) & Mohamed Rabiei (Baghdad, Iraq)

This project has the support of :

PEN American awarded the English translation of "Llibre dels minuts" of Gemma Gorga by Sharon Dolin, resident.

Thanks to our small library and the collaboration of Institut Ramon Llull who offered to us the book, the poet Sharon Dolin discovered the Catalan poet  Gemma Gorga. The year after, Sharon invited Gemma as guest speaker to her poetry workshop in Jiwar. The idea of book translation was born. One year later, Sharon won the grant PEN/Heim Translation Found.

"In the square". Exhibition in Gràcia district with Sachiyo Kaneko and Camille Rajotte works.

Passer-by could see during last month Sachiyo Kaneko big format work. This project has been one of the most special outdoor performances that Jiwar has done in a public space with one of our artists in residence. Watch the videos of the performance and the exhibition in the following links: https://vimeo.com/173465343  http://goo.gl/xCBxgq

Also, the photo documentation of the project “The inverted square” by Camille Rajotte was exhibited in the same space. The project will come back to Barcelona in a festival this autumn, we will inform you about that later.

Sachiyo Kaneko work installed in the city council of Gràcia neigbourhood. Foto: Sachiyo Kaneko



The Californian artist in residence in Jiwar Dana Zed is looking for people ready to share one story with her in exchange with a digital draw.

The portraits have personalities of their own. They result from Dana Zed’s interaction with the one being drawn. Dana draws and paints people on the IPAD . She talks to people when they are being drawn. The result is a picture and a story. The painting may not resemble the outward appearance as it does an essence beneath the surface.

If you are interested you can write directly her: danazed@icloud.com

Our BLOG: http://jiwarbarcelona.com/web/blog/

Danielle Hogan is in Jiwar thanks to the support of:

Happy summer for all of you