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We have lost our innocence

Today five years ago we started our project. Since then, 154 artists from all artistic disciplines and from places as diverse as Afghanistan, Brazil, South Africa, Algeria, Estonia, Turkey, Finland, Canada, Chile, Uganda, Japan or Georgia have been residents at Jiwar. During these years Jiwar has fought to become a space were disciplines and imaginaries crisscross, always playing from an uncertain position.

Five years have passed and Jiwar has developed multiple projects and collaborations, we have made good decisions but also mistakes. Five years have passed, and Jiwar has become a way of life. We have received the most wonderful recognition, the one given by our district and Gràcia neighborhood  through the Vila de Gràcia 2014 Awards. The projects that have been created here have spread globally, reaching publications in Canada, Turkey, the U.S.A, South Africa, Russia and Korea. Five years have gone, and we have learned and grown. Five years have passed and we have lost our innocence.

Some days ago, most of the mass media of our tiny country spread at unison what some named the creation of ‘the first residency for writers in Catalonia’ and others ‘the first artists in residency in Catalonia’. We give a warm welcome to our new colleagues at the Olot residency, but we can not understand an institutional position that makes invisible the existence of independent residencies that have been working for years. We want to make a special recognition to one of them, one that is a model for all of us, a brave and innovative project with more than 20 years of history: the Centre d'Art i Natura de Farrera. We don’t understand, but we don’t care. We have so much work to do and we continue with our endeveour with passion and stubbornness, giving our best noiselessly, day by day. It doesn't matter. We were here, we are here and we will continue being here.

 Who we are: https://vimeo.com/159488624

Jiwar joins the XARXAPROD manifesto and encourages you to do the same https://form.jotformeu.com/xarxaprod/adhesi-al-comunicat-hisom

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