Ann Mackowski is a San Francisco born artist whose work focusses on history, mythology, and cultural revolutions, and how ideology is expressed in actual physical space. It focusses primarily on architecture, but includes references to art and contemporaneous mythology or intellectual developments. Her work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo shows, and is featured in several publications. She began her formal career as an artist after receiving her masters from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2013.
Mackowski’s work focusses on the concept of “mapping” as a process of abstracting physical space. It deconstructs urban landscapes by re-arranging architectural works to create an environment that includes subjectivity and history. Her work explores the evolution of dogma over time, and the way it is echoed in urban architecture.
As an artist in residence at Jiwar, she is focussing on the multiple waves of foreign influence associated with Barcelona’s architecture and organisation. She will be realising a multi-panelled figurative work exploring Barcelona’s urban history and contemporary cultural paradigms. This is a project she has been developing over the past several years with Barcelona as a centre point due to the city’s rapidly evolving political environment which echoes past waves of regime change throughout the city’s history.