Mariló Hernández (Basque Country, visual artist)


Mariló Hernández, urban knitter and photographer, lives in Bilbao and currently is at Jiwar making her project “STREET FLOWERS, BARCELONA”. On 2011 she was the promoter of the movement URBAN KNITTING or YARNBOMBING in her city and since 2012 she makes small interventions individually. Mariló, has come to Barcelona to go through its 10 districts, 73 neighbourhoods(*). With her camera in the hand, she will be placing a woollen flower in each of the neighbourhoods.

Afterwards she will show the result of her experience at the websites and But for the moment, some of her “street flowers” can already be found by our streets, and some of her pictures, in the series “Barna Moments”, published on her Instagram: @granadinamala