Samantha Wilson (Scotland, visual artist)


My work is located at a counter-intuitive position, between the visible and the invisible, created to address the lacuna between social interactions and language. Through drawing and painting, I explore globally diverse groupings; connections and disconnections of people. Taking inspiration from photographic sources, I largely document people that enter, leave and reside in bustling cities to observe differences and similarities: I wish to observe visibly shared histories, unique characteristics, chance encounters and varying cultural traditions. These observations seek to inspire works that bear the question of how to cultivate a compassionate society, making visible, veils under which we all cower. They want to start conversations between the ‘Wanting Self’, the Fearful Other, the Victimized Family Member, the Judging Friend or the Personal Ghosts. It asks, as it responds instead; “You are I”, and “I am you”, aren’t I? Only born into a separate body, both seeking the same ideals: love, fulfilment, happiness and connection.