Odette Théberge is from Québec, Canada. Following her studies in visual arts in Québec and in London (England), she attended further studies in engraving, sculpting. She is pursuing her career since 1970. Since the last twenty years, photography has become a new tool and a mean of expressing herself. Board member for several groups of artists over the years, she has taken part in several committees, associations and juries. She was an art teacher for more than twenty years while working on her own career as a visual artist. Her work can be found in many public and private collections. During her residence in Barcelona she is taking new photographs, while roaming about the streets, for her project “Urban palimpsest”, gathering images in the streets, on the walls, houses, traces related to of the history of those walls, in different areas of Barcelona. Those photographs will be enhanced by the artist with drawing and collage, thus adding a new episode of life to the photographs, a continuity. Grouped together, they convey an ambiance, a comment on a moment, on a place in a city.