My work explores a material relationship with the world through image making and sculpture. I often begin with walking and collecting physical objects and materials or photographic imagery. I then go on to use this collected imagery and documentation to create drawings, prints and sculptural installations.

My work is influenced by the idea of making as both a developmental process and a meditative action, a point of connection between the body and the world, with physical and conceptual constructions forming a type of extended anatomy.

Sky piece and the hide, 2015. Sky piece:19 pvc shapes digitally printed with collected images of sky. 65cm x 65cm x 65cm. Hide: pressure treated timber with osmo exterior paint, aluminum chair upholstered with digitally printed pvc. 4m x 1.5m x 1.5m

While at Jiwar I would like to explore visually, the meeting places between the built and ‘natural’ environment. Viewing the human body as a major ‘natural’ element within an urban environment, I am interested in how we choose to create our spaces through making. In particular during my time at Jiwar I am researching visually the points where the hand made or organic resides alongside the constructed urban environment.

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