Sachiyo Kaneko (visual artist, Japan)



I started to learn SHO, so called Chinese/ Japanese calligraphy, at 7 years old. I have been involved in SHO deeply since then. It is my lifework. What I’m trying now is to translate this traditional art into contemporary way.
What is tradition?
Tradition is not the word which means ‘to preserve old things’.
It is inevitable for tradition to keep changing.
It is the way to survive from epoch to epoch. When something evolves, its outfit sometimes looks completely different. Tradition is the polished crystal over the years. Or fruit of wisdom. It has a core of people’s spirit. Then the traditional thing must be universal.
My art looks very oriental. But some look very different from so called calligraphy. My art is evolution of our traditional art. It has the most important essence of SHO.
So I want to prove it is universal.
There are so many cultures in the world, but there must be harmony with my art.


Video Feria San Marcos, México. Shodô gran format