“It was tremendous. Baghdad was lit up like a Christmas tree,” said a U.S. wing commander back from bombing the Iraqi capital. Thursday, Jan. 17 1991

Imagine Iraqis living for decades under bombing, political upheavals, dictatorship, embargo and wars; would the erection of a memorial Christmas tree light the sky again?

As an Iraqi art researcher, temporarily resident in Jiwar[1], a heritage house in the heart of Gracia district, Mohamed seeks your contribution to construct a Memorial of Christmas tree for Mosul out of desk lamps; your donation of desk lamps is essential. The art project is not about assembling a variety of desk lamps but rather it signals a sense of solidarity and commitment, it reflects on the criticality of civic engagement, collective action and global awareness.

“We will be grateful if you could donate used desk lamps, you will receive a limited cast candle, designed by myself as a gesture of appreciation.”

For more information please contact:
Tel. +34 655 41 44 02 / Fax +34 93 238 82 39