First collaboration with SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair

Swab House is an initiative of Fundació Swab Barcelona which has aims to encourage and promote emerging artists on the international contemporary scene while making them actors in our city’s artistic scene. Developed in collaboration with creation centers and residences in Barcelona, the invited artists will produce, during the month prior to the fair and under the theme and the technique proposed, artworks that will be exhibited in their own space at Swab.

For this first edition the selected artists are Liu Hao, Ju Anqi and Yu Depeng through the program Cross-Boundaries curated by Susana Sanz. All three are recognized independent filmmakers who, during their one month stay in Barcelona, will create their first piece of video art work within the framework of a project that touches upon the limits between this medium and the auteur cinema. They will stay in the Jiwar residence.

Yu Depeng and Ju Anqi represent a trend of young and fresh creators who have fled from that elite of Chinese independent cinema in that ‘in-between space’ composed of experimental film, auteur documentary and video art. Their movies have entered into the museums of contemporary art  with “Chinese features “. On the other hand, Liu Hao is a director who, despite his success at large international festivals, is not accepted by the elite of the independent Chinese cinema or as contemporary art, leaving him to self-develop in solitude the production and distribution of his films.

Inspired by the creative flee towards video art of famous filmmakers such as Tsai Ming-Liang, Apitchapong Weerasethakul or Gu Changwei; the program Crossboundaries: Moving Images from China invite Ju Anqi, Yu Depeng and Liu Hao to cross all the borders that limit their artistic expression. From their education as filmmakers, they will investigate the boundaries between auteur cinema and video art, while they homage their admired Abbas Kirostami, Takeshi Kitano and Pedro Almodovar, to imagine and discover different Barcelonas.

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