Consuelo Tupper, artist in residence

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                       Picture: People playing during the June open studio in Jiwar. Credits: Consuelo Tupper.

Human being walks for days among trees and stones. He rarely stops at one thing, and he does

when he recognize it as the sign of something else. A footprint in the sand indicates a tiger walk, a

marsh announces a vein of water, hibiscus flower means the end of winter. (Ítalo Calvino, “Invisible


Everyday life is our most basic experience and it seems to be invisible until something or someone

interrupts it. It is, however, extremely rich in meaning as it is built not just from habits and

routines but also from memories, uncertainties and expectations that constantly link reality with

fiction, the ordinary with the extraordinary. From this thought I start to develop a work that put

imagination as a central key of everyday living. I propose, this way, new rules that redefine the

codes of what is called "usual" and place the audience in the role of actor and victim of their

immediate reality. Finally, the encounter with people from outside the world of art and the

intersection between art and life has also become essential axes in a work that gives special value

to experience as a symbolic instance.

To know about my project in Barcelona:!blank-2/mrsie