Dealing with the city. Fall 2016 and winter 2017. Residency in Barcelonaquisom2



Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Applications are open to all artists (visual arts, crafts, design, sculpture, installation, writers, filmmakers) and social scientists/researchers seeking an opportunity to realize and present a project in a culturally challenging urban environment. Artists, writers and researchers with a keen interest in urban space as well as participatory projects are to be given priority in the assessment procedure. Jiwar supports all artists in their research in any possible way.
Jiwar provides a huge space to work in the private studios and the shared spaces such as the library, the veranda and the garden. Every studio is furnished with a table to work and the Suite Antoni Tàpies has a private workshop. Jiwar gives support to artists helping them with contacts, support to research and cultural and artistic Barcelona agenda. We don’t provide machinery or materials.

Jiwar has 4 studios: Gentil, a small room with a single bed and a table. Artigas and Rodoreda; two huge studios with a separate space to rest and work with a desk. Suite Antoni Tàpies, with a private bathroom and workshop for visual artists. The communal spaces are shared with the other residents and available for use at any time.

Fees and support
Jiwar is not available to give grants for the individual residencies. However, we give all our support in writing letters of recommendation and all the artists need to have get their own grants.
The fees become cheaper if the stay is longer that one month. If the artists stay less than a month the fee per day increase. Per month, the fees are 850€, 1.150€ and 1.250€ depending on the size of the studio. That includes our support and coordination, the stay but NOT the meals or the materials.
Artists from emerging countries and Spanish artists can have a discount of 10%.

Expectations towards the artist
In our individual residence program Jiwar doesn’t have any control over the residents’ work. We take responsibility for maintaining a good working atmosphere and a good comradeship between residents. Once a month Jiwar organises an open studio where our residents share their creative journey, giving them the opportunity to meet the public and for the artists to engage with the audience and visitors. We are interested in the process more than in the final work. It is not compulsory to participate in the open studio even if it has been an experience appreciated  and valued by all.

Application information
Send your application to in English, Spanish, French or Arabic.
Application must include:

  • Preferred dates of residence
  • a short CV
  • a sample of recent work representative of the style and philosophy of the candidate’s work
  • a short description of the project that the candidate intends to develop while in residence
  • spoken languages