Exhibition in the main district office in Gracia

until the 29th July 2016

Plaça de la Vila, 2

Monday to Friday from 0830 to 1430

Tuesday, 12th July at 1930

Meeting with the artista Sachiyo Kaneko

foto 2

The Japanese Sachiyo Kaneko is one of the resident artists at Jiwar who presented her work to the neighbours in the area through  her OLA performance, which took place on the 12th March in Plaza del Diamant, a great live shodô (Japanese calligraphy) accompanied by music from Pavel Amilcar and Mireia Zantop. On the hand, the Quebec artist, Camille Rajotee presented her work La plaza invertida, a back to front replica of the square, as a big inverted mould of the very Plaça del Diamant. These two projects will be on show in the head office of the district until the 20th July.

To watch the video of the performance online click on the following link: https://vimeo.com/173465343

pi_IMG_8330-2 (2)                       Créditos: Douglas Sielski