Objects and desires, a project from Christina Schultz

The project won the first production and residency grant in Marrakech through the exchange Jiwar-Le 18.

”Objects and Desires” follows the transport ”off track” of goods between Spain and Morocco, concentrating especially on the goods transported by women in this system of transportation of daily products from Europe and Asia.
It is a non journalistic investigation that records conversations and resounding landscapes and contains graphic documentation
that discovers  the stories at the borders, the walkways and the objects and desires linked to them.
The starting point of the project is the enclave of Melilla, the Spanish-Moroccan frontier where thousands of Moroccan women work as carriers, importing daily and industrial goods, free of tariffs.
The investigation starts with the following question: What do the women carry in their heavy loads?
From here the objects are followed through the ”off track” transport system that takes us to Marrakech, Morocco´s neuralgic centre of touristic commerce. In Marrakech, the project conducts a crossing of the imported, industrial objects with the symbolic ones (manufactured) from Moroccan culture: carpets, covers, shoes etc.
The world has changed or perhaps it has never been as we imagined it. The imported, western products reveal much about the desires of the Moroccans and simultaneously, other objects, those sold in the multitud of shops for tourists in Marrakech, speak of us.
The project wants to participate in the attempt to understand the difference between culture, tradition and merchandising and perhaps rediscover the living room, a place of meetings and stories.
‘Objects and Desires’ gives form to the investigation through sound installations and visual material.
It is necessary to emphasize that the results will have a relational, processing character and will be fundamentally linked to experiences had during the project. Desires narrated by objects.
A public presentation of the results will be done in Le 18 (Marrakech) the 9th of November and later in Barcelona.

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