“As an illustrator I enjoy working on different projects to show different sides of me. I transform my life into works of art so they can become part of someone else’s life. I get inspired by a lot of things but the most important one is the city life. Big cities have a fascinating atmosphere where everything seems possible. I like the feeling of being small in a large environment. There are so many faces to see and things to discover that not a day is the same and neither are my illustrations.When I’m at home (back in the Netherlands) I always struggle a bit with the desire to leave. I dream about being on the road and being able to explore and maybe feel a glimpse of freedom. So that’s why I’m here at Jiwar, to live my dreams for a little while. For now I’m working on a project called: ‘’As I Thought It Was’’. It’s about reliving a moment in time by illustrating it. It’s not only about illustrating what I see it’s also about the feeling behind it. I combine those two together into my designs which gives every illustration a different story to tell. That’s what I love the most about being an illustrator. The power you have to add something extra that can’t be seen at the moment itself.

Here are a few works I’ve been working on during my time here in Jiwar. When I’m back home these illustrations will be screen-printed on canvas or riso printed on paper.”


Danielle takes part of the Travel project from ArtEz Zwolle  http://illustrationdesign.artez.nl/travelproject/

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