Elif Gülen, selected artist for the 5th edition of Making neighbourhood project_Mobilities

Elif was born in Baltimore M.D. U.S.A. She moved with her family back to Turkey and lived most of her life in Istanbul. After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, she traveled the world for a year taking photos in numerous countries such as Cuba, Yemen and China. She opened an exhibition of her black and white Cuba photographs at the British Council, Ankara. After finishing her master’s degree she photographed and filmed the urban transformation of Galata, Istanbul. In 2015 she completed a 2 year joint photo project with Markus Andersen called ‘Mirrored’ and was exhibited at the Australian Center for Photography, Sydney, NSW.

As a selected artist, Elif did a residency with the support of Digital Art Studios in Belfast N.Ireland and exhibited her work at FotoIstanbul 2015 in Istanbul.

During her stay in Jiwar, Elif will contribute to ‘Making Neighborhood Project’ and do a research regarding barriers to mobility in our minds through finding local people that have lived most of their lives in one place in Gracia, Barcelona. Interviewing them and photographing them about their lives related to their house, neighborhood and city. She hopes to find through their stories and witnessing the change through their eyes we can understand how the neighborhood and the city is shaping.

Elif is a member of a photography group Tiny Collective. You can also follow her photo works on Instagram as @fisheyedreams and her website www.elifgulen.com

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