Entirely new, it gives onto the living room and has a glass door that opens onto balcony and garden. Therefore it is well illuminated by sunlight and well ventilated. Entirely fitted with all equipment that allow to cook and serve to big groups. All electro domestics are available: oven, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.



Space of conviviality and confort, it has access to kitchen, entrance hall and it opens onto gallery through which we enjoy the nice view on garden trees and morning sunlight.


It is the most enjoyable space of the house. 10m x 2.5m wide with original handicraft windows with coloured glasses that project on the walls nice light reflects. It is the space most adored for talking, meals, reading, looking at the trees, watching sunrise, etc.


Beautiful space with nicely decorated ceiling and a skylight letting daylight in from house roof.
Ideal space for working groups of up to 10 persons. Fitted with big table, printer, tv and dvd player. Suitable for teleconferences and meetings.


Jiwar backyard garden is something very unusual in Barcelona a city known for scarce green space. It is 700 sqm wide and it creates an oasis of peace and freshness in the middle of vibrant and dynamic Gracia. It is a place to relax, meditate and share. At the same time it is often used for the various activities by the residents: meetings, readings, performances, rehearsals, exhibitions, etc. especially given that the weather is fine most time of the year.

It has three different areas:

Plants Garden

It is the oldest garden of the house, with some old trees mainly a pine tree, avocado tree of 12m high and many other plants and flowers. It has a an old well made of wrought iron and it is fitted with tables and chairs.

The plants Garden is shared with the shop downstairs Olokuti and it is open to its clients during the working days.

Meetings Garden

This part is dedicated for table work and meetings. It is the ideal place for barbecues meals, celebrations, etc. it is fitted with a long table and chairs for up to 20 persons. It has a nice vegetable garden managed by Jiwar and open to use and consumption by residents

Performance Garden

The further part of the Garden is an open space dedicated to physical actions. It can hold performances, rehearsals, shows, etc. it is also a space where some sports can be practised, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.