Architect. Visual artist. Artist in residence in Jiwar June 2015.
Throughout her life, Cris Franchevich lived in countries that influenced and re-defined her cultural identity. Moving from South America to North America, she was exposed to variations of light, texture, color, and tremendous cultural, social, and political differences. She uses these experiences to counterbalance the technical rules of watercolor with the introduction of encaustics, graphite, charcoal, chalk, threads, scrapes, stains, juxtapositions and marks.
Watercolor stands at the critical intersection of chance, possibility and accident.
Cris captures moments that speak to the universal notions of global identity, displacement, space, and memory, all concerns she strives to understand. In reality it’s more about the actual experience than the final painting. Fragments of life, exposed in an open sketch book, providing an unconventional, surprisingly intimate look at innermost thoughts, fears, and observations.
The white surface of paper evoke a sense of depth and void, gravitating towards the unexpected. A visual diary of her walkings and her thought process, locating spaces between opacity and visibility, here and there, echoing her ability to express the background in architecture and urban planning. Cris’ media of choice, the watercolor, is more a frame of mind, an attitude rather than a technique, linking memories and trying to make sense of experiences as a traveler, a woman, an immigrant, and as an artist.