Timo Malmi (1948) ha publicado poemas, prosa, novelas, artículos científicos y libros de no ficción. El amor, el anhelo y la guerra son temas que caracterizan y conectan el trabajo multifacético de Malmi. Su colección de poemas de amor Tuulensuu, minä rakastan sinua fue publicada en 2014 en honor a las mujeres que murieron en 1918 defendiendo su ciudad de Tampere en la Guerra Civil de Finlandia. Malmi ha dirigido un cortometraje titulado Defensores del Ayuntamiento que se mostró en el Festival de Cortometrajes de Tampere 2015. Actualmente está escribiendo sobre los prisioneros de guerra finlandeses en la Unión Soviética en 1941 y en adelante.




Algunos de los poemas de su próximo cortometraje:


Tampere, I love you


The Commander´s Call


That´s the Whites marching there…


Young girls, you young women.

Come and do your bit, play your part.

Your city needs you. Faithful defenders.

Listen to Kaisa. Rauha, answer me!

Ida Vilhelmiina, come and join the ranks.


We were the bearers of love

When I was on guard, I could see from the window

this soldier of Red Guard marching

with the other soldiers on the Central Square.

He went past the City Hall – such a perfect beauty.


The sun was at its highest and his eyes shone

with a look that will newer grow old.


The passers-by took no notice of him.

Nobody asked about him.

Nobody cared which division of the Guard

he belonged to.


I saw her first. I noticed him at once

and the light he was carrying.

I saw when he disappeared into a gateway

in one street and came out in another.

His radiance melted the snow –

whirls of sand followed him.


I feel sure that he went where at night

they awake into life, where they are drunk

with the spirit and their own sensuality.


I feel sure that he went where

dubious pleasures change a woman into

a force of her own.




Rose red cheeks


But the smell of us girls is innocent,

the smell of the faith of the New Testament.

Rose red cheeks, heart and blood

soon to be shed on the floor.

Sun still dancing on the square,

rain knocking at the doors.

Sisters and brothers alongside me,

mother and father far away.


People of Tampere: once again 

Today we daughters of the city stand together

on the steps of the City Hall. And it is ours.

Stone walls, grand pillars, the grey granite

that we defend.


The balcony of the City Hall,

like the palm of God`s hand calls to you, your people.

Here we stand, defending equality,

the republic and justice.


We defenders of the City Hall are women

We come from the fields and from the factories,

from the shores of the mighty lakes.


Barefoot we walked to the rowing boats,

shoes over our shoulders, with swinging strides,

We had Bibles in bags made out of shawls.


The power of Tampere has raised us from the dust,

us poor mortals It has raised the poor from

the ashes and put us in a hall with purple hangings.


The men soldiers have lost their spring.

They are running for safety in Pispala.

But the rapids flowing through the city

bring fresh water, the ones lying on the

cobblestones are filled with new power.

And we are filled with food.


We shall not lack food, love. No, no.

We shall not leave the City Hall,

not  empty handed – no, we shall leave

replete and with faith in the future.


We have fallen back to the city hall.

Time will ensure our fame.



You who are still here 

You who are still here, take care

of the cobbles of the Central Square.

Hold up the walls of the City Hall,

feel the holes of the shells in those walls

so that you know it´s all true.


Look at the fountain on fire.

The fountain has chosen a good part.


The blood we shed still feeds the flames

of the fountain rising up to heaven.

Whenever you touch the side of the fountain

the water trembles.


When the surface calms down into a mirror

bend over and look into the water

and you will see a human being

who has a new beginning in her life.



Timo Malmi



Original book: Tuulensuu, minä rakastan sinua.

Poems of women who defended city of Tampere during the civill war in spring 1918 in Finland.

Publisher SanaSato 2014.

Interpretation Virginia Mattila.


Web: www.liwre.fi/timo_malmi