L’artista australiana Meaghan Coles ha presentat el seu treball de final de residència.

P1070138The urban landscape/environment surrounds my daily life. The streets, walls, doors, windows appear to be a canvas for the anonymous artist/city to progressively build layers of colours and text into natural, public visual displays. Over time these surfaces corrode revealing a natural surface and balance between old and new. Stickers, graffiti, posters, stencils and tags are all signs of the chaotic urban life. So far my interest has been to photograph & document fragments of these urban canvases. My curiosity is in the organic colours & expressive marks that reflect urban art and the cities landscape. I have been experimenting with photography using a 35mm Diana mini film camera which has allowed me to snap fragments of this lively city. Focussing on the buildings, patterns and popular imagery of Spain, the result has been layered, dreamy effects of impulse documentation of my surroundings. There is something about the carefree yet chaotic lifestyle of Barcelona that has influenced me to document and create a journal of images using pen, ink, watercolour & acrylic.”