Philosophy in a world in conflict. Talk by Carlos Fraenkel

Wednesday 24th February. 19h – CCCB (C. Montalegre, 5, Espai MIRADOR)

The philosopher Carlos Fraenkel will be introduced by Jiwar at CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, starting this way a first collaboration with the country’s most recognized space of debate and reflection.

“When the Berlin Wall fell, it was assumed that all the world countries would end up adopting the political model and the lifestyle of western liberal democracies. It hasn’t been like that. The Iroquois Indians, the Hassidic jews, the islamic community in Indonesia: Carlos Fraenkel visits political and religious communities which don’t fit within the western secular parameters and he stablishes a dialogue with philosophy’s help. On which shared basis do we converse with the distinct cultures? Within the framework of the presentation of ‘Enseñar Platón en Palestina’ (Teaching Plato in Palestine) (Ariel)”