Excellent reception of the production of young actors from NorthCoast Preparatory and Performing Arts School in Arcata (California). With their departure, the project is closed … until next year?

The project with the NPA has come to an end after an intense week of exchange with the youngsters from the INS Vila de Gràcia and the activities with the theater group CIC. American youngsters had time to rehearse intensely under the attentive and demanding direction of Jane Bazemore. They have also presented their world and understood how we live during the exchange activities proposed by the INS Vila de Gràcia: from the comparison of forms of democratic participation in the U.S. and Spain, to a taste of Catalan cuisine and the show of the personal and intimate portrait of the corner of the world where they live.

We deeply thank the following: Teatre Lliure their availability to show the room and hidden corners of the theater, the Vila de Gràcia their enthusiasm about the project, CIC theater group their generosity, Espai Jove La Fontana their availability and the Cercle their availability and commitment to us, lending us the room for the performance for the general public. To all of you, thank you for making this project possible!

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