My interest in art emerged as a child, while exploring, creating and studying at the Municipal School of Artistic Initiation (EMIA), Brazil. In 2007 I finished my studies in Fine Arts at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), where I specialized in engraving and drawing in metal. After university I worked in my own workshop exclusively with drawing and engraving in metal. During the development of my work I started to need new forms and complementary tools, which lead me to use photography, video, text, actions and installations and performances. My interest is to focus on issues such as time recording, material transformations, building some kind of identity, translation and travel. I have participated in artistic residency programs in Spain and in Brazil. Part of my work has been exhibited individually or collectively in exhibitions, museums and galleries. I live and work in Barcelona.


Artist statement 

I conceive my work as interventions and interruptions that act on a small scale on the scenery of the present and give new meanings to my environment and time. I start from the observation of the environment and its social fields, of myself and usually of the art itself to create my projects. I create new ways that make a drifting from normalization possible, that point to the transformation of those who connected the work and create knowledge. I often use street material, trails and digital tools (audio, videos, photography, etc.) in many of my works to complete my projects according to the needs of each one. As a result, the works take the form of installations, hybrid displays, actions, invented games and registration materials and documentation.

My environment has expanded to coexist with the art produced in Catalonia. By interacting with the artistic scene in Barcelona I learn about and test the comfort zones in which I produce my work. From the personal displacement my interest began to create bridges, mediations and intercultural and international translations.



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