Lisa Penny is a London based artist who co – runs lm6a Project Room in Dalston. In 2015 Penny received Arts Council funding for a residency at Eastside International in LA, which culminated in the publication of ‘Aesthetic Indifference’.The project was presented as a text performance/reading with X marks the Bokship, at Matt’s Gallery, London.

Her practice explores through expanded painting the poetics and language of sartorial references. Beyond a suggested playfulness of the work there exists a greater awareness of the relative cultural value of objects, their physical and conceptual properties and how these then affect, or are affected by, the context of painting.

There is a genuine attempt to disrupt conventional norms and explore beyond the very parameters that define and perhaps limit our ideas of what painting can be.

Penny wants to go further by offering up new configurations in which painting can be revealed. Sometimes this is realised through performance or a publication. Incorporating fabrics, denim, and jewellery as well as working on
actual items of clothing, Penny’s work is an examination of the private and the public, domestic and the social.
During her stay at Jiwar, she has created a series of ‘shorts and skirts’ paintings. Sourcing materials from thrift stores and markets in Barcelona, and absorbing, colours and the light of the Gracia community.