Lucía Flores is an Uruguayan writer, living in Quebec, Canada, for more than 30 years. She has published several children’s books among which we can find the french version of the novel Le congrès des laids, edited by Hurtubise HMH  in 2001 and also the Spanish version, El congreso de los feosedited by Planeta Uruguay in 2015.

That novel found a good welcome since the publication. It was finalist in Hackmatack awards, in Canada, and Bartolome Hidalgo awards in Uruguay, translated into Italian by Salani editore and sold around Europe, Algeria, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Xile and Colombia.

El congreso de los feos is the first book of a trilogy. The second, Fierritos y la puerta del aire, was published in 2016 in Uruguay, and the third one will be edited in 2018, called El novio de la brujita Fufú. During 2017, Planeta Uruguay published one of her stories, Los cómplices de la nochea illustrated album done by Cecilia Astiazarán.

Lucía Flores is a languages and didactics teacher at the University of Laval, Quebec. Moreover, she writes stories for adults and participates in two creations and lecture circles in Quebec, at both of them she is co-founder: Los perfectos desconocidos and Les parfaits inconnus (in English, the perfect Strangers) . Her writing project in Jiwar will be a novel for adults called  El libro de todos.

Twitter @lutbflores
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