Malena Amaranta Negrao is a Brazilian/American writer from New York City. Her work is in non-fiction, personal essays, journalism, and arts and culture critique. Concentrating on a dual career path, she is also currently completing a master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management at Pratt Institute. Negrao, who holds an undergraduate degree in film studies, has professional experience going back to 2007 in film, photography, and multimedia. Her work in film and multimedia has won awards and been reviewed by The New York Times and The Observer. Her background in the arts also includes performance art and music.
Malena Amaranta’s time in Jiwar is to be spent researching and writing a collection of short stories. In her first attempt at fiction, she will create short stories based on real life as well as fiction, with an emphasis on exploring and understanding history, the world, humans, and sensibility, as a Latin American based in the United States. Themes and topics were inspired by Saint Teresa of Avila and Latin American poet Maria Quiroga Vargas, Negrao’s great grandmother.