She became interested in literature, and at fourteen she began to write poems and a personal diary; At fifteen, her first novel was over. She published children’s literature: Els visitants de Mont-virolat (Ed. La Nau); Juvenile literature: L’últim paradísMissatge en un rellotge i Un café sol (Ed Tabarca); black novel: La cuscusera farcida, literary prize of l’Alcúdia; Els raigs sobre la finestra, and erotic Café Claca Awards; Una història petita d’una dona qualsevol, II Ciutat de Alzira Awards; La dona del claustre, Conta’m dona, Awards de l’Ajuntament de Catarroja, etc. Without publishing I have the novels L’indigent mort i L’estança anyil.

She has also organized a writing workshop with Professor Josep Figuerola and from this activity, the book Llançarse a escriure was born. When she finished the workshop, with some classmates, she created “El circle d’escriptura”. From the laborious work of team, the collective novel Hostes (Ed. Marfil) was born (XIII Ciutat de Xàtiva Literary Awards. She Collaborates with magazines such as Papers,  Perspectiva escolarSaoAbalorio, etc.

She has been a member of several jurys of literary awards such as Les irreals omegues, Samaruc, Sambori, the University of Valencia, etc, and is a member of L’Associació d’escriptors en llengua catalana, and the Pen Club.

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