Marc Badia is the Catalan artist selected for the first exchange with the Visual Art & Design School (VADS) from the Free University of Tbilissi (Georgia).

“Right now I’m really focused on the idea of the painting as an object. Thinking about the historical weight as discipline on one hand, and on the other the object as the only way to truly penetrate the narcissistic intimacy that rules in our times. I would like to develop this idea working in the thin line between painting and sculpture, using resin, glitter and painting, rethinking the canvas as an object.
The idea is to develop a series of paintings/objects with what I call the glitter effect. This glitter effect is some kind of over saturation of a seduction strategy, trying ironically to disarticulate the artistic object
itself. This is only an attempt, it will never succeed. It is the painting trying to disappear through its own strategy. It is the painting trying to blur the line between itself as an image container and itself
as an object.”

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