Marina Caliari was born in 1980 and raised in Espírito Santo, Brazil where she studied fine arts at the Federal University Of Espírito Santo. Subsequent to that she attended the Post-Graduate program in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage at the Escola L’a Industrial in Barcelona, Spain. She lived in Barcelona for 9 years working as a restorer and as a consequence of her profession (restoring wooden altars and images for churches and also other wooden objects for private clients) she had a big interaction with different religions and people, factor that was very important for the development of her artistic work.

Her Work explores the memory, the people, and the interactions between them. “I was born in Brazil; my country’s folk art has always influenced me a great deal. I work with wood almost daily, both as an art restorer and in my sculptural work. Wood is the visual antidote to the objects born of the new paradigm: the aluminum-polished, the scratch-resistant, and the mass-produced. Wood is a living medium, both in its genesis and its ability to record in its surface the memories of the hands that craft and use it. My affinity for wood, its utility, and its character, led me to work with discarded wooden objects imbued with patinas that document their journey. With history engrained in my source material, I am able to borrow tidbits of our universal experience and craft them into works of an entirely new form and context interposing our past, our relationships with each other, and our environment.


More recently, I began to mix the wooden objects with sculptural human analogs, modeling people that I meet in my daily life, capturing the memory of these interactions along the way. My work collects these memories together the same way someone compiles a photo album, decorates an altar in homage of the deceased, or transforms a reliquary into something personal. To the sculptures I sometimes add brief texts about that individual, a characteristic that separates her or him from others, a situation they experienced, or even how their presence scarred me personally. The result is an ensemble of memories connected by a single contact point, my interaction with them.

In 2005 she attended an art residence in mixed media at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2005 and 2006 she participated in art residencies at the Free Oakland UP gallery, in Oakland, California.

Currently she lives between United States and Brazil where she Works with different projects, all with the recurrent theme of memory and the relationship between people and their objects.

During the Jiwar residency, the artist’s intention is to continue with her project. Through her work, she also wants to analize the physical contact (or the lack of it) between people.