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Matias Factorovich, visual artist from Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina, was linked to the art world sinceadolescence.

His first non-conventional exhibitions marked an early stage to his artistic development. During these exhibitions, he was investigating different media: from painting, poetry and photography to performance.

During his stay in Buenos Aires he exhibited in a large number of galleries, this is how his work was acquired by collectors from different parts of the world.

Perceiving art as a commitment and as a prayer, the artist displays his extensive work, in various media.

“The dialogue between a pictorial work and a recited poetry, a performative act, a sculptural object is more tempting to me when thinking about a sample. Nature and its beings are my inspiration, the unsaid, the hidden, the forbidden, the taboo they generate in my great attraction. Those who know how I live know that art is not something I do but something where I live. “

During the last years, painting was his most prolific channel, showing scenes of his universe with a generous and dramatic color palette.

Those who want to know Matias Factorovich’s works better are invited on September 13th to Kaoni gallery at 19.30, the artist will open and present his first solo exhibition in Barcelona “See the World”, where he will be able to show his own world, a vibrant juxtaposition of possible worlds full of archaisms, onirism, shadows and light.

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