Michele King. Selected artist for Making neighbourhood_5_Mobilites

Originally from the field of urban planning, Michele King began her visual art practice as a painter in the late 1990’s. Her work now spans mixed media, digital materials and participatory field studies with a sensibility towards relationships between people and their environment. Her process enters into a conversation about urban systems, spaces, and how individuals become competent interpreters of their experience despite the obstacles society may put in their way. Michele has lived and worked in San Francisco since 2000. She received her BA from Virginia Tech, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and her MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Her creative work has been exhibited in the U.S.and Europe.

As a selected artist for the fifth year of the Making Neighbourhood project, Michele will explore perceptions of Barcelona in terms of urban design and development patterns, neighborhood life, and openness of the city. For example, the sense of belonging, choice, and well-being experienced by diverse people as they navigate civic life, encounter public spaces and exist in a larger sociopolitical system. Michele’s project, Mobility Lab Barcelona, involves research and creative translations about these dynamics between place, culture and mobility. Her work at Jiwar will form the foundation for a digital archive and growing awareness of the range of experience in Barcelona. You can follow Michele’s process on Instagram @michelekingstudio and learn more about her at www.michelekingstudio.com.


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