We are a duo performance art collective, Emily Demetriou (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Naz Balkaya
(Istanbul, Turkey), currently based in London. Both experiencing the embodiment of migration
and exchanging ideas consistently with excitement, as well as our common social feminist
understanding was what evoked the beginning of our collaboration. Our nations, religions and
societies would say that we are meant to be enemies. Our ideas, beliefs, habits and views state the
opposite; therefore, we embrace the concept of our separation through our collaborative efforts.
Collaboration is our greatest treasure and we use it as an internalised policy and a tool to sustain the
meaning and legacy of our harmony. Panictattack is not only a visual tool that expresses artistic
codes, but it is also a living space where weight and oppression turn into miracles. The stress of
being who we are in today’s sovereign commandments and the confusion of displaced policies,
economies, genders and communities, have turned into the stimulus that shine the lights of
Panicattack. The profound questions we ask about social, ethical and political issues currently settled
in the West and East, have estranged us from familial apprehensions and political labels that we
have been given under patriarchal structures. Consequently, we interlock with each other as a
protest of unity and solidarity within the warfare of opponent norms.

While reaching for integrity within the alienated, dominant instructions, we are also creating our
own new form of bare life conditions; where we discover ways of belonging or not-belonging within
different shapes of identity. We approach our gender as a consistence, a fluid essence that shifts
within two opposite cultures, while intersecting sexual visual codes within stereotypical discourses.
We observe and intake our surroundings and our viewer in order to find answers about our own
mind set and internality. Correspondingly, we have performed in a variety of environments with
different audiences in order to reach platforms outside the white walls of exhibition spaces. Even
though, we seek to find alternative zones we still interpret the meaning of the white cube space and
its conception of performance art between the artistic or non-artistic viewers. Namely, we approach
the gallery space as a resource where we create our own meanings of staging, showing and settling
of art and its interaction with the eye of the spectators.

Eventually, Panicattack looks awry to states of barbarity and creates site-specific artistic
propagandas by connecting and shaping communities. Curating several group shows, and building
installations that juxtaposes the body, sound and performative acts drove us to the point of leading
many other artists. Our visual statement, absorbs the multi and mass media resources and re-enacts
these tools by decoding old artistic forms such as painting and sculpture in numerous tones. We
want to continue to unite and extend the scale of creating fictional moments and absolute situations
in order to act contemporary and institutionaly within our artistic agenda.