One of the strongest points of Jiwar is its magnificent space. The house where the residence is settled is part of the heritage of the city of Barcelona, it is located in Asturies, one of the most loved pedestrian streets in Barcelona. At the backyard of the house a huge...


We believe in the transforming power of every creative process. Jiwar builds new projects often en partnership with local institutions or associations. We bring together professionals from different disciplines and cultures who would enrich each other through project implementing.


Latest news, programmed activities and current opencalls


Jiwar works en network with various local and international institutions and associations.


Jiwar Creation and Society is a residence that host and support all professionals whose work is based or inspired by urban space. Located in a heritage house with a 700 sqm backyard garden in the heart of Gracia district, Jiwar Residence is unique for its space and environment, it is...

Jiwar Creation and Society is a residency that hosts and supports all professionals whose work is based on or inspired by urban space. Located in a heritage house with a 700 sqm backyard garden in the heart of Gracia district, Jiwar Residency is unique for its space and environment, it is a place where to create and share.

The concept of the project is inspired from the Mediterranean tradition of Jiwar, an arab word which literally means neighbourhood. Jiwar refers to the art of establishing a creative and sustainable relation between neighbours in a district. Beyond this meaning, Jiwar evokes a philosophy of life that consists of neighbouring values and bridging experiences. Jiwar Residency promotes inter-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange in the district as well as the city of Barcelona.

Founded in October 2011 as an Artist Residency (AIR), the rich and diverse contributions of our residents made us see that what makes us different and original is our situation in the heart of one of the most vibrant districts of Barcelona. Indeed many artists had their project performed in Gracia squares or inspired by the dynamics of the district.

For this reason we decided to open the space to all professionals who create and reflect on urban space, and whose work use the city as a material of inspiration or investigation: artists, architects, social activists, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, city policy makers etc.



Individual residence

Jiwar hosts all year round residents depending on availabilities. The candidates are selected on the base of their submitted projects and CV. Jiwar supports the residents in carrying out their work and organizing public events and activities.

Project Team Residence

Jiwar hosts groups of residents working on the same project.
Priority is given to multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. Jiwar supports the team and organizes its public activity or event either within our facilities (garden or indoor studio) or within the facilities of a relevant partner in the city (theatre, cultural centre, radio studio, library etc.)


Jiwar has an exceptional and inspiring set of indoor and outdoor spaces that are ideal for team building, research, seminars, international meetings, project development etc. Visit our space

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