Caroline Bugby is a sculptor and installation artist from the UK. She received her Masters in Fine Art from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. During her residency at Jiwar she will be exploring ideas centred around construction and found fragments, focusing on Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church as a source of inspiration.

“A non-hierarchical way of looking at the world is at the center of my work; a blaze of orange construction netting is as beautiful as a sunset, a slice of bright blue tarp as sublime as the sky. Such everyday objects as these are fashioned from new materials and recontextualised to both reveal their singularity and allow for new meanings.These explorations manifest as installations comprised of sculptural elements, combined with collections of carefully chosen found objects. These amalgamations of the made and the found offer multiple narratives within the work, creating associations that probe and question everyday experience and our perception of it. In my work fantastical occurrences arise out of the most ordinary situations, inviting the viewer to see familiar objects playfully uncoupled from their usual context, hinting at the richly ambiguous nature of reality.”

Pictures by H. Romero

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