Julia Dierickx-Brax was born in 1986 in Paris. She started to study fine arts when she was 16 years old at  L’ABAC in Cannes. Then she moved back to Paris at 18 to study at La Sorbonne university where she staid seven years until she got two Masters in Visual Art. She started to show her work in 2008 and realized more than thirty exhibitions until now, collectives and solo shows, in different places as galleries, cultural centers  and museums. In 2012 she won the land art project “Horizons, rencontres Art-Nature” as Young Talent and create a monumental piece on a volcano in the center of France. In september 2012 she was selected for the residency program of the Pantocrator gallery in Barcelona, and in 2013 she won the price of the WeArt Festival in Barcelona as well. The two last years she collaborated with galleries such as L’intime Galerie (Paris), La Pan (Berlin-Shangai), Hartmann-LaSanta (Barcelona), Visible (Barcelona), Mutuo (Barcelona) and Mitte (Barcelona). She is now working on new projects of exhibitions in Barcelona and in Paris for the Mathilde C. gallery. During her participation in the Making neighbourhood project, she will do several portraits of Gràcia neighbourds that she will convert in GIF images.