Alice Labourel, architect,

new resident in Jiwar.





My name is Alice Labourel and I am a young creative architect.

I was graduated in 2013 at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, in Paris, and did an exchange at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, in Los Angeles. My diploma, which was supervised by well-known British architect Sir Peter Cook, is called « The Hidden Orchestra » and it has been wildly published around the world.

My statement is that Architecture allows people to interact with, react to, and be stimulated by the spaces they inhabit. My personal discoveries of the structure and composition of films serve as an initial framework and are used to develop an architectural language that would awaken emotions, memories, and spatial imagination. The design of each element of the project is conceived in digital three-dimensional space and then reproduced and rendered by hand and then re-processed digitally. I often combine many different medias, mixing digital and hand drawing in order to best illustrate how the building would work and how the residents and community might experience the spaces and the architectural forms.

My project in Jiwar will be a reinterpretation of the House, based on lost memories, dreams and spacial experiences. It will be the story of an old man re-discovering his childhood-house, after meeting a mysterious three-legged cat…

Link to project :…/03/hidden-orchestra-by-alice-labou…/