Andrea studied jazz violin in Zürich, Switzerland (Master Diploma 2014) She is working as a violinist and singer in various bands and projects, playing music with influences of Jazz, folk music, experimental rock, classical, electronic music and music for theatre plays. She composes instrumental music and songs for her bands Zugluft, Atrium and the The Sporthorses and the Guggenheim Box, a DIY electronic installation to play music by triggering lightbarriers.


Jonas Guggenheim is a musician and composer for music with influences of Folk, electronic music and music for theatre plays. He performs as an accordionist in several groups and has developed an electronic instrument, the Guggenheim Box. The Guggenheim Box is triggering a modular synthesizer and a sampler with lightbarriers, the performers dance the music. In Jiwar he is composing new music for the Sporthorses and the Guggenheim Box and Zugluft.