Announcement. Selection for the Writing Program 2017. Ghazaleh Hashemiazar is the selected writer.

This year there have been 58 writing projects which have competed to take part in the Jiwar Writing Program 2017 as granted writer. We have received projects in Arabic, Spanish, French and English from 22 different countries around the world.
Mustafa Taj Al Din (Syria)
Luis Peña (Perú)
Mbizo Chirasha (Zimbabwe)
Tulsi Badrinath (India)
Ghazaleh Hashemiazar (Iran-India)
Nahil Mohana (Palestine)
Manuel Aidelman (Argentina)
Mohamed Khelifi (Tunisia)
José Aquino Esperanza (Argentina)
Mustafa Taj Al Din
Ghazaleh Hashemiazar
Luis Peña
Mbizo Chirasha
We thank all participants for the literature journey that all of them have given us and the opportunity to celebrate the talent and the possible universes that they have shared with us.
This project doesn’t receive any public money or support.