-3Transitory rituals. Marseille (Francia)

Hanako Geierhos explores art as an instrument of communication and a platform for articulation of sensory experience, different forms of communication, social interaction and individual/collective perception of space. Geierhos’s underlying concern is to make systemic and constructivist features of social interaction observable by focusing on the courses of processes, emergent aesthetic manifestations and interdisciplinary thought and action. In order to open up communication paths or to investigate communication at all, she incorporates objects, props, some of which are manufactured, some adapted, and participative sculptures into her work. Here Geierhos is interested in the relationship between art and society and the question of how and if objects that have been made for an art context can function in public space.

Hanako Geierhos was born in Hamburg and lives and works in Berlin.

Transitory rituals. Cotonou (Benin)