Gürçim Yılmaz writes about the Barcelona Ethnological Museum



Good news from Turkey after so many tragic and heartbreaking events. So proud of the article of our Turkish artist in residence Gürçim Yılmaz about the Barcelona Ethnological Museum Museu Etnològic de Barcelona . Thanks to the reception and the generosity of the museum staff during her residency at Jiwar, Gürçim could met the Museum director and know how they work and what is their vision.

From that point, two months later, appears an article in one of the most prestigious Turkish art magazines, “Sanat dünyamız”, about the best ethnological museumization practices, considering what an etnographical versus ethnological or anthropological museum is and how it should be and mentioning the Barcelona Ethnological Museum as a good practice to follow.

We cannot but be grateful for the open-mindedness of the Museum direction, who promoted a meeting within so little time, and for Gürçim for her wise look and her interest. We work for these things to happen and when they happen we are so happy and really willing to do more and more.

Teşekkürler! Thanks!