Albert Gilewicz and Patricia Watkins project 

“Boundaries, borders and walls”


A multi-national, multi- continent public engagement Art project

You can participate from all countries around the world. Let us to know and we will arrange your participation!

Write the artist:

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Albert and Patricia are looking for people willing to contribute with their vision on boundaries / borders / walls through free artistic intervention and in personalized format (writing, plastic art, collage, etc.) and contribute to the collection that will be soon exhibited in different US & Canada galleries with the anonymous personal contributions of people from all over the world.

From your own work of art or writting a phrase tell to the world who you are, what you aspire to be with the underlying message we are more alike than different. The artist will give you a canavas where you can work in. All canavas are the same size and from the same material (cardboard).

“The late United States Congressman Tip O’Neill has been credited with the  statement “All politics is local.” which may be true for road potholes or garbage collection. But in today’s global economy and society, embracing this concept warrants modifying the phrase to “All politics is local is how government and democracy die.” Never is this more true than in the current political climate in the United States and many other countries emboldened by use of divisive tactics to gain control, power and wealth. These politics can often result in the artistic frame of mind producing works that focus on the differences as opposed to the commonality of all human beings and all societies.

Embracing the concept of “local” the Gilewicz/Watkins collaboration will focus on the myriad of commonalities that exist between different cultures, religions, races, ethnicities, social status, ages, sex, and yes, politics, in an attempt to break down the “Boundaries, Borders and Walls” that we all create consciously or unconsciously that influence every day of our lives. Through community outreach the collaboration will engage residents within Barcelona in conversations to discuss those boundaries, borders and walls that exist and the impact on their aspirations of a better life for themselves, their children and future generations.

The collaboration will create “Spoke-n-Word”, a 3D mixed media work of art utilizing individual spokes of a bicycle wheel as the medium onto which small 2D works will be mounted. Information about the participating individual will be provided on the reverse side. The utilization of a bicycle spoke as the framework of the collective input of the community provides a contextual layer that one of the most common means of transportation, the bicycle, can bring all elements of society to a common understanding of the physical manifestation of the art and hopefully engender an open mind to the commonality of the human desire for a better world for oneself, one’s children, family, friends, and neighbors.

It is the intent of the collaboration to bring this “Spoke-n-Word message that we are more alike that different and allow others far beyond Barcelona (including upon return to the United States)  to add their own spoke to the wheel….and to the planned web based digital “Spoke-n-Word data base.”