After the deliberation of the selection committee around the 142 applications received we are glad to announce the selected artists for the project XABACA

Lebanon: Fatima Mortada, visual arts

Palestina: Haya Zaatry,  music

Morocco: Houda Lakhdar & Sofia Aissaoui, cinema

Tunisia: Farah Ben Mansour, illustration


The finalists are:

From Lebanon: Yumna Al Arashi, Yara Bou Nassar

From Palestina: Ruba Salameh, Riham Ghazali

From Morocco: Narrimane Faqir, Merieme Mesfioui

From Tunisia: Manel El Mabrouk, Intissar Belaid


We are overwhelmed by the high number of applications and the quality of the proposals. It was a fantastic way to extend across all these different fields and proposals. We want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and generosity.


This project has the support of:


And the collaboration of: