Luz del Carmen Maraña Villaseñor is lisenced in visual arts for the faculty of the arts of the Queretaro university. She has a masters in visual arts, focusing on painting under the academy san carlos university. She is also a doctor in arts for the university of Guanajuato, and a professor in art and performance in the University of Queretaro, and actually is doing a postdoctorate in the Universitat Atònoma de Barcelona. She has received various awards and achievements of national paintings, and has participated in artistic expositions inside and outside of the country. She has been published in different specialised 

books and magazines, on feminist and artistic topics in Mexico and abroad. You can find her collection of work inside and outside the country. 

She talks about how the idea of the post-pornographic body is conceived. In this phenomenon, it is observed that sex is seen as a negotiation for profit, where you can see and reproduce the body, the skin, its fluids and its holes in a sense of obscenity. A new chance starts to forge about its speech. 

The pleasure is observed for the same aesthetic pleasure, it looks for the difference between erotism and pornography. It is located on the post-pornography between these two terms. What’s wrong with the body inside  post-pornography and paintings?  Sexual corporality is claimed in the work through the paintings, and the meaning of the concept is re-defined, to create new meanings.