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Media release 2016

A place where Africa and Europa meet… with art BTV: El cantautor sudanés Abazar Hamid, acogido en la residencia Jiwar a través del PEN catalán new about the resident artist in the Barcelona local TV, february 2016 (in catalan) Línia Gràcia: El cantautor exiliado Abazar Hamid pasa 10 días en Gracia new about the resident artist...
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Media release 2015

Primers acknowledgements…and there we go! Mediterráneo: audio podcast of the Spanish National Radio program with an interview to Mireia Estrada about Making neighbourhood, january 2015, by P. Sampietro (in spanish) Núvol. El digital de cultura. L’apuntador. Khanyisile Mbongwa: “Sud-áfrica es el país más afrofóbico del continente” interview in the Núvol review to the selected artist for the AIR program,...
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Media release 2014

Projects going on and on Art 21 magazine. Alchemy of Inspiration: Translating a City Back to Itself article at the international contemporary art magazine Art21 about the project Making neighborhood, published on February 2014 by the resident artist Jessica Lott The Postcolonialist. Vecinos. Neighbours. Film Review: “Home is the planet, don’t accept anything else” film review at the internacional...
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Media release 2013

News and first projects The last idea of Jiwar new on the local newspaper L’independent de Gràcia on May 2013, by C. Bellver (in catalan) Jiwar seeks ‘people from the neighborhood’ for a new social photography project new on the local newspaper L’independent de Gràcia on October 2013, by S. Manzanera (in catalan) The Jiwar entity brings...
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Media release 2012

Starting to be known… Jiwar, the first international residence of artists in Gràcia: new of the first interview to Mireia Estrada, Jiwar’s director and co-founder, in Barcelona TV, on February 2012, by M. Casals (in catalan), also available as video on Vimeo L’independent: Jiwar association opens the first international residence of artists first article about Jiwar in the local...
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Sylvia Arthur: "Yes, I am a British woman, but I am also black woman"

Sylvia Arthur: “Yes, I am a British woman, but I am also black woman”

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Open Workshops Barcelona

Open Workshops Barcelona

Jiwar open studio in Taller Oberts Barcelona 2017  21st and 22nd of October Jiwar participes once again in Barcelona Open Workshops next weekend. The artists in residence Josefina Rozenwasser (musician, Buenos Aires), Elif Gülen (photographer, Istanbul, selected artist for the 5th edition of Making neighborhood project_Mobilities), Behzad Shafagh(design, Teheran) and Mahyar Sadr (photography, Teheran) will show...
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"Now we go to shopping malls in the way we used to go to church."

“Now we go to shopping malls in the way we used to go to church.”

“Now we go to shopping malls in the way we used to go to church.” Fátima Mortada A Penelope of the 21st Century. Like the character from The Odyssey, she weaves works that denounce social and gender injustice. The Lebanese artist Fatima Mortada left her studio in Beirut in order to come to Barcelona for...
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