Kerry Buckland was born in Melbourne, Australia. Later she moved to rural West Coast of Victoria where an increasing interest in indigenous plant species and art was established. Primarily as a painter, her practice examines aspects of contemporary Western cultures relationship to the environment. She also uses multi media which is associated with mass production and mass media to create site specific installations and 2D pieces from metal and acrylic.

More recently while immersed in the forest she started using photography and video to document the destruction of old growth forests and their majestic, pristine ecosystems caused by senseless logging. The subject matter of Indigenous Plants and the intrinsic essence of their specific environments have been a constant thread throughout her work.

Kerry has already been in Jiwar in 2014. This time she is exploring the subject of “Constructed environment”: “The work considers how to picture contemporary Western cultures’ increasing detachment and mediation and destruction of the natural world. To represent the underlying paradox of this relationship – where culture is simultaneously contained by nature yet increasingly detached from it.  While in Barcelona  I will utilise floral  motifs taken from the Gracia area including prints of antique botanical drawings “Plantas Medicinales” , found in  a  second hand shop near the Jiwar Residency. I will then  juxtapose these motifs with stencils informed by the intrinsic designs and patterns of the architecture of Gracia neighborhood.”.